Praise Dance Uniforms & Praise Dance Costumes for Liturgical Dance

praise dance uniforms

Need praise dance uniforms for your liturgical wear? Praise dance wear and praise dance garments give you the accents you need during your performance!

Praise dance uniforms are commonly worn during a praise or prayer worship ceremony, also known as a liturgy service. This form of worship is geared toward revealing the Word of God and spirit behind it in the form of dance.  The bible makes reference to King David dancing before the arc of the covenant. Today, this form of worship is done all over the world but not as common in the United States.

What Are Praise Dance Costumes?

As with any dance performances, costumes are required.  Praise dance costumes vary in style and fit.  Some are form fitting in order to highlight the strength and allure of the dancer’s body while others are modest and loose fitting.  The interpretive word is usually emphasized through the performance and the clothing plays an important role in praise dance.

Common Praise Dance Garments Worn

The most common liturgical dancewear worn by performers includes a leotard, often times with tights included.  The leotard is worn beneath the traditional dance garments and is then covered with a divine dress or loose fitting skirt that drapes over the undergarments.  The skirts and dresses are loose fitting and designed to flow as the dancer moves about.  Praise pants are also available and are created with loose fitting legs that flow when the dancer turns and twists.  In a Christian setting and church atmosphere, the dancewear is modest and conducive to the moral beliefs of the religion.

The Most Popular Styles of Praise Dance Wear

Some of the most popular styles of praise dance wear for women are as follows:

  1. Divine dresses – Divine dresses are designed with the attention of those watching the performance in mind.  The dresses are typically form fitting on top with flowing skirt and arms.  Some styles of dresses depict angel-style wings for sleeves.  The angel wings allow the dancer to lift her arms and glide with graceful movements.
  2. Praise skirts – Skirts are loosely fitted and comfortable for the dancer to wear while performing.  Skirts fit over the leotards and are made with draping material that is loose fitting and flowing.
  3. Liturgical pants – Pants are typically loose fitting throughout the legs but more form fitting at the hips and waist.  The loose fitting pants accentuate the dancer’s movements in a gliding motion.

Other praise garment styles worn include capes or collars in which a loose fitting cape is draped over the leotard during the dance worship.  Banners, ribbons, and batons can also be incorporated in the dance uniform to add allure to the audience.  Scarves are also used during performances and can be waved and twisted in the air by hand or worn on the praise skirts for a more decorative look.

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