Best Pointe Shoes for Beginners: Types of Pointe Shoes & What to Buy

Pointe Shoes for Beginners

Are you a beginner ballet dancer? Find tips on pointe shoes for beginners, the different types of pointe shoes, and how to buy a pair and size that fits.

The relevance of your foot shape is important when having to buy pointe shoes for beginners.  You may be tempted by the variety of colored pointe shoes or styles, but you need a supportive shoe that cradles your foot.  Some stores may have someone that can help you with your pointe shoes fitting you properly.  It is best to have some knowledge before purchasing such an important shoe.

Types of Pointe Shoes for Beginners

Since there is a wide variety of pointe shoes available, having facts for beginners will help you out when you are looking for the right pair.  The shoe is based on your foot style and not the pointe shoe style.  The types of foot styles fall into one of three categories.  Bloch brand carries great pointe shoes for beginners.

Each of the pointe shoes has many benefits to the specific foot style.  Along with being supportive, the shoe also needs to have the correct arch, which also contours to your foot.   A pointe shoes fitting is a very important part of the buying process to ensure you get a proper fit.

Additional Tips After Purchasing Pointe Shoes

Another element is breaking in your pointe shoes once you have purchased them.  This is important as the shoe will need to be glued and or shellacked to keep its shape.  Teach yourself point ballet standing, walking and posing.  This will be beneficial in not only your shoes being broken in, but for you to get used to wearing them.

Caring for Your Pointe Shoes

Be sure to care of your pointe shoes.  Never use water on them unless it is a light damp cloth.  The pointe shoe will start to dissolve if water is put directly on it.  They have make up you can use to take away marks and scuffs.  If odor is an issue, than try placing a dryer sheet in them over night.  You will want the pointe shoe to last as long as it can, and caring for them is very important.

You should try and research as much as you can about this type of shoe before actually buying a pair.  It is best to go to a shop that will help you size your foot for the best pointe shoes for beginners.  With some self knowledge and knowing the different foot styles and pointe shoes, you can research further before you make a purchase.

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Jillian Weir January 1, 2012 at 8:18 pm

I started pointe again in December. And I already had experience, but I have to get use to it again. I have bloch heritage pointe shoes and I really like those. They really support my feet and they work for me. I also love the way the fit my feet prefectly in the heel, since they are slim. Ive tried other bloch pointe shoes, years ago but they didnt work out, so now I know what works for me, when I get new pairs of pointe shoes.

Ruby Schoneveld September 24, 2012 at 3:13 am

I’m starting again for the first time since i was nine and this info really helped prepare me a bit more for the hard work to come, I’M DETERMINED!! ha ha… thanks heaps see ya!

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