Pancake Tutu and the Other Professional Tutu Styles

Pancake tutu

Interested in what a pancake tutu is? Learn about professional tutus & more behind the scenes info in the world of ballet. Learn about romantic tutus & more!

Ballet is one of the more graceful and elegant forms of dancing, and more and more girls as well as men are showing an interest in it. People usually put their children in ballet at a young age, but adults as well also enjoy this graceful form of artful dance. A pancake tutu is one of the many styles of tutus that are required for performances. Here is a little more on each tutu.

What is a Pancake Tutu?

A pancake tutu is also known as a classical tutu, and is designed out of fabric that stretches straight out from the hips. It is made from a few different layers of chiffon or satin material, and is hand stitched to keep it secure and firm.

Because the footwork of a ballerina and dancer involves high kicks as well as jumps, the evolution of olden days tutus were shortened, and that is how the birth of the pancake tutu was born. A dancer or ballerina’s legs are exposed, and this allows the audience to view every move the ballerina makes.

Many parents are often into learning how to make a pancake tutu simply because these are often times a little on the high side in regards to price. There are patterns as well as step-by-step instructions and illustrations nowadays to allow you to give your daughter a classical tutu without the hefty price tags.

Other Professional Tutu Styles

The pancake tutu is one of many tutu styles. Others can include:

  • Bell tutu – these tutu styles are shaped just like a bell and do not have any wire hoop usage. There are a few different layers in this type of tutu, and you will not find one longer than a pancake tutu.
  • Romantic tutu – this is a professional tutu that is derived of up to 12 fabric layers. Typically, bodice is what attaches it and it’s a free flowing style of tutu. These are used for romantic theme ballets.
  • Karinska tutu – this tutu is designed to allow the dancer to themselves. Embellishments as well as several fabric layers are used. There is a base layer, a layer of either gold or even silver netting, a layer of decorative braiding, jewels, bows and sometimes ribbons, and a sheer overlay on top.
  • Costume tutus  – includes tutus that are in performances such as “Swan Lake”, “Sleeping Beauty”, and even “The Nutcracker”.

Today’s Costumes

Tutus are worn for performances for all types, and the style of professional tutu you wear is all going to depend on the theme of the ballet performance. Some tutus are made from one layer of cloth, while others are designed from several layers. You will find that a pancake tutu, just like all tutu types are attached to a leotard and are for the most part skin tight. This helps ensure they remain in place while you dance. There are many aspects to dance and ballet attire other than tutus, but a ballet tutu can really accentuate your body while dancing.

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