Leather Ballet Slippers: The Best Types of Leather Dance Shoes

leather ballet slippers

There are several types of leather ballet slippers, and you’ve come to the right place if you are looking for the top information about leather dance shoes.

Ballet slippers are made of two types of materials.  These materials are leather and canvas.  The leather ballet slipper is available in all leather or you can have a combination of leather and canvas.  There is also the canvas slipper made strictly of canvas.  The type of slipper depends on preference and also may be the choice of the school you attend.

Benefits of Having Leather Ballet Slippers

Leather ballet slippers are durable and long lasting.   Some benefits of having leather ballet slippers are:

  • Leather is durable and will last many years.  Leather has the ability to be cleaned and is easy to maintain.  If you don’t outgrow your ballet slippers then they should last many years.
  • Having leather dance shoes gives you the flexibility you need.  This is important in all types of dance.
  • Leather material may give a little bit will not over stretch.  When purchasing your shoes or your children’s leather ballet slippers, the toes should be able to move.  Never buy shoes that are too big and loose.
  • The store or suppliers of leather ballet slippers are knowledgeable in which type of slipper would best suit you.

How to Clean and Maintain Leather Ballet Slippers

Cleaning and maintaining your leather ballet slippers is very vital.  Spot cleaning them is very common.  Use a damp cloth to remove small marks and add a tiny bit of detergent for larger marks and scuffs.  Make sure you dry with a cloth after using any form of cleaning method.  Another option for spot cleaning or just to sanitize is to use a wipe, gently wiping it across the whole surface.  Drying them afterwards will help maintain the leather and not allow any product to sit on the ballet slipper for duration of time.

Securing the Slipper to the Foot

The slipper must fit your foot properly.  Dance stores are highly knowledgeable in fitting slippers to individuals.  Make sure to find out what the school or studios guidelines are before you make your purchase.  When fitted properly, the ballet slipper will allow for the best performance in any type of dance.

The leather ballet slippers or flats should fit the foot snug but never too tight.  The toes should be able to move within the tip of the slipper with ease and comfort.  There is elastic that is sewn into the heel of the slipper.  This elastic goes around your ankle.  Inside the top of the ballet slipper is a small ribbon that needs to be tied.  Pull this ribbon gently, making it snug to the foot.  This ensures the slipper will not detach while dancing.  Be sure to tuck in the excess ribbon after tying them.

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ann sweeney September 12, 2011 at 6:21 pm

Do you carry ivory/off white ballet slipper for little girls size 6 or 7 Thanks

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