Ice Dance Dresses: How to Find Top Competition Dresses

Ice Dance Dresses

Ice dance dresses have contributed to the popularity of the sport. Learn how to choose top competition dresses for ice dance to help score maximum points.

Today you hardly see any ice dancing except on the television. Ice dance is in fact a form of ballroom dancing done on ice. In the early days, it was done for fun and there were no competitions as you may see nowadays. Even then however, ladies were expected to be dressed in ice dance dresses while men wore normal pants. Jeans were definitely not a part of ice dancing those days, but now times have changed and anything goes today.

From a practical point of view, there are certain items of clothing that are considered the right attire for ice dancing or figure skating.

Ice Dance Dresses to Wear

  • Leggings or tight fitting pants
  • Skirt with skin colored tights
  • Short dress with matching briefs
  • Leotards with a skirt

Competition Ice Dance Dresses

In the case of figure skating and ice dancing, many costume changes are made for the different events. Although earlier, competitors were expected to wear only black at figure skating competitions, there came a time when ladies could wear traditional skating dresses while men had to wear something that resembled a tuxedo.  Today’s figure skating dresses and ice dance gowns are very elaborate with much attention paid to the colors and embellishments on the costumes. Depending on the type of dance one hopes to perform, some go to the extent of wearing ballroom dance dresses, in the hope of making a mark in a competition that is all about energy, perfection of movement, showmanship and glamour.

Considerations When Looking for Competition Dresses

It is very important to bear in the mind how appropriate your dress is for the occasion you have in mind. Whether it’s a competition or a fun event sufficient coverage is necessary. A costume that gives too little coverage or considered risqué will not help you in gaining points or winning fans. The cut and line of the dress should help your figure and any added embellishment should not detract from the beauty of the dress or your dance movements.

Wear the dress and make a few moves to see how the dress feels. Anything too tight should be put aside. Never buy competition dresses just because they look nice on the magazine cover or on a model. Always get a second opinion and ask others how you look in it because if your judges don’t like your costume, you will loose valuable points.

Ice dancing is a much watched sport on TV and it owes much of its popularity to the costumes worn by the competitors. If your budget runs to it, your best option is to get your ice dance dresses professionally done by an experienced seamstress who will know   the type of material, colors, cut and style that will suit your personality as well as your particular dance movements.

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