The Best Hip Hop Dance Outfits and Other Top Hip Hop Club Outfits

Hip hop dance outfits

Are you tired of looking for the best hip hop dance outfits? Look no more as we have what you need for hip hop club outfits, hip hop dance clothes & more.

Hip hop dance outfits came to be as a result of the dance craze of hip hop that started in the streets of the South Bronx somewhere around the 1970s. Rather like which came first the chicken or the egg, well which came first hip hop dance or hip hop dance outfits. Basically it is just an accepted fact that the two emerged and grew at the same time.

Hip Hop Dance Outfits

There is no one exact hip hop dance outfit like there is for ballet. There is however, some generally accepted things about the clothes that the hip hop dancers wear. The clothes are almost always very loose fitting. Loose enough that you could say they are baggy.

he definite dance attire a hip hop dancer need is the right shoes. Like a ballerina and her pointe shoes then a hip hop dancer wants a specific sneaker to dance in. The sneaker they want to wear is a split sole shoe that has shock absorption built into it. Because hip hop is full of jumps, spins and turns you want this shock absorption and the freedom of movement this type shoe can provide.

If you’re trying to pick an outfit to wear while performing hip hop style dance there is a simple rule of thumb. You simply wear what you are comfortable moving in. If you can bend down and touch your toes, spin around, and not have any constriction of movement than you have the perfect outfit for hip hop dance.

Modern Dance Outfits

The dance outfit has not evolved really in the past thirty years. If you are a ballerina you are still wearing a tutu more than likely it is made of tulle. If you went to a vintage clothing store to purchase the tutu more than likely it would be perfect for today, the same thing with hip hop. If you went into a vintage clothing store you could just as easily pick an appropriate hip hop dance costume as if you went shopping for a new one. Dance still requires clothing that allows freedom of movement and expression.

What to Wear for a Hip Hop Club Outfit

This also really depends on your personal style of dancing and on your own sense of fashion sense. There are no set guidelines to adhere to. If you feel good in an outfit and believe that you look good then everyone else will pick up on this vibe and consider you as looking good in your outfit of choice. Here are some suggestions

  • Gaucho pants
  • Loose flowing top
  • Hammer pants
  • Oversized tee
  • Jeans with material that gives or stretches
  • Cap

The most important thing to remember about hip hop dance outfits is you are the one to please. The opinion of others is not important. Only you know how an outfit moves with you. So be comfortable in your own skin.

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