Driving in Ballet Flats: Top Tips for How to Travel in Ballet Flats

Driving in ballet flats

Are you looking for tips in regards to driving in ballet flats? Come find pro advice about how to travel in ballet flats.

While driving in ballet flats, much like the statement running in ballet flats sounds ludicrous, it actually is not in either situation. First, ballet flats are not the same as en pointe ballet slippers. They are not designed with a box end and or folds of material that result in you flexing your foot, and the extended periods being spent standing on your tip toes. Ballet flats are created with the elegant little ballet slipper in mind. Ballet flats have a very thin little sole and the slightest of heels. When you look at them, they appear to have no heel at all. Almost all ballet flats are decorated with a wispy string tie.

Driving in Ballet Flats

Today, you would probably not have trouble finding someone who is driving in ballet flats. You can probably find someone renting a car in ballet flats, or attending school in ballet flats. As a matter of fact, the ballet flat has been around for a very long time. In the 16th, century men wore shoes known as pompes. Pompes were extremely similar to ballet flats. In the medieval days, ballet style flats were worn by both sexes.

They were very popular until Catherine de’ Medici ordered her cobbler to make a two inch heel for the shoes she intended to wear with her wedding attire. Then when Marie Antoinette wore heels on her walk to face the guillotine heels quickly lost their appeal. Shoes that were functional and basically practical were worn throughout the 19th century. When Audrey Hepburn was seen wearing some ballet flats and peddle pusher jeans in the movie Funny Face ballet flats became popular again.

Steve Madden Ballet Flats

If Elvis Presley as the king of rock n roll then you can say that Steve Madden is assuredly the ballet flat king. Some of Steve Madden’s ballet flats feature pleated leather on the upper part of the shoe to give them a rather updated look. Look almost anywhere that carries a ballet flat like Payless and you will most surely find a Steve Madden ballet flat.

Materials Used on Ballet Flats

Today you can purchase ballet flats in almost every color under the sun. Of course they are made from numerous different materials such as

  • Suede
  • rubber soles
  • Canvas

There are probably as many unique styles of ballet flats as there are wonderful materials to construct them of. You can even find the patterns to sew your own ballet flats with just a few simple materials. Enabling you to construct ballet flats that would match or compliment any outfit you or your child were wearing.

Because ballet flats are so easily made from such a wide range of materials you can find them in a price range to fit any budget; if you do not want to, make your own.

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