Dance Costume Catalogs: Options for Best Dance Recital Costumes!

dance costume catalogs

Looking for dance costume catalogs to help select your dance costumes? Pick out the perfect dance recital costumes so that your hard work will shine on stage!

When looking for dance related costumes and attire dance costume catalogs are the place to start.  Dance catalogs offer variety in quality, design, and size.  Depending on the style of dance being performed, dance costumes may include spandex leotards, wraps, leggings, dance sweaters or sweatshirts, and shoes.  A catalog is a great place to start for ideas and creative inspiration.

The Importance of the Right Dance Recital Costumes

Dance recital costumes should be comfortable with fabric that looks good but also fits right.  Dancers undergoing performances with an uncomfortable costume can feel insecure about their moves and become worried about their costume holding up.  Proper covering of body parts is necessary to avoid any embarrassing moments during a performance.  The fabric should be able to endure the moves of the dancer while looking pleasing to the eyes of the audience.  Lycra and spandex are some of the best materials used in a quality dance costume.  Style and color is also important because all eyes will be drawn to the dancer.  The moves of the dancers should be accentuated by their costumes.

What to Look for in Dance Recital Costumes

Comfort and fashion are among the most important things to look for when purchasing a dance recital costume.  Depending on the kind of dance being performed, movements such as leaping, bending, jumping, and tumbling may be done.  For the more active dancer, a costume that allows for comfort and movement is crucial.  Materials such as lycra and spandex are free-moving and allow dancers to complete the moves that are needed without binding or becoming uncomfortable.

Dance recital costumes can be more than just the leotard or main outfit.  Costumes may also include shoes, skirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, and leggings.  If the performance calls for shoes, those with flexible material should be kept in mind.  Laces or slip-ons are another factor to address. Performance shoes should be comfortable and fit right.  One of the worst things to happen during a performance is to lose a shoe.

Where to Find the Best Dance Costumes

  • Catalogs – Catalogs may be obtained by mail order or through a dance studio.  Dance instructors are one of the best resources in finding dance costume catalogs.
  • Online – Searching the web for dance costumes will pull up a number of resources from large dance studio companies to small boutiques offering exclusive dance recital outfits.  Online stores have a wide variety of options to choose from but dancers can run the risk of ordering without trying on.  Size charts are available and measurements should be taken before ordering.
  • Other dancers – Fellow dancers are a great resource when it comes to finding the best dance costumes.  If the dancer is a friend, borrowing options may be available.

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