Ballet Classes for Toddlers: Top Ballet Classes for Preschoolers

Ballet Classes for Toddlers

Ballet classes for toddlers can help introduce your little one to the world of dance. Know what to look for when choosing ballet classes for your preschoolers.

Ballet classes for toddlers are very popular.  There are programs for toddlers that start around the age of 3 or 4 years old depending on the school.  By this age, the child is able to understand basic instructions.  The toddler is used to working and sharing as a group since preschool starts around the age of 3 or 4.

What to Expect from a Toddler in in Ballet Classes for Toddlers

  • Basic instruction skills followed
  • Ability to work in a small group circle
  • Replication  of steps with guidance
  • Basic poise of hand and feet position

Basic instructions are given in classes for preschoolers.  Keeping the instructions simple and fun will aid in successfully completing them.   The programs for toddlers mainly focus on simple instruction to keep the class fun along with learning some basic instructions.

It is important to work in a small group circle.  This allows interaction among the toddlers.  Interaction between fellow students and the teachers helps the whole ballet experience.  The circle time should be fun along with informative.  Toddlers respond best when they enjoy what they are doing.

Ballet Training for Toddlers: Basics

Ballet training for toddlers is based more on visual learning than physical instruction.  Watching the teacher and copying their moves and dance instruction or moves will help the toddler to be successful.  Memory and attention span is short when it comes to teaching preschoolers ballet.  Having a physical body to follow or copy during the process will overcome the memory and attention span issue.

In ballet classes for toddlers and infants the main goal is to get the child aware that poise is an important part of the ballet art.  Having your back straight along with your feet and hands in the basic position is a huge goal to achieve.  Being repetitive and making the instruction fun will help a child master these key poise positions.

Before Enrolling your Toddler in Ballet Class

Attire is very important before the child starts their ballet class.  The school you enroll in will provide a specific list of what is needed and the colors needed.  Purchase these items at a store where they are familiar in fitting toddlers and young children.  Once you purchase the proper attire, let your toddler wear the items at home.  Allowing this will encourage positive reinforcement of them being that wanted ballerina status.  Visit the school ahead of time so the toddler can see where they will be going for their ballet class.  Infants, toddlers and preschoolers adapt better in a familiar surrounding.

Ballet class for toddlers should be fun and exciting.  Expect separation anxiety for the first couple of lessons while the toddler adjusts to the surroundings.  With reassurance and time, the child will be feeling safe, secure and familiar with other students, teachers and the facility.  Persistence will pay off and have your toddler become successful in the ballet class.

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